March 3, 2020

WEDDING TIPS :: the details

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One of the things I chat with my brides about before their wedding is how to prepare for getting ready photos.

Most of the time when I arrive in the morning, the girls are still getting their hair+makeup done. Everyone has their bags around, and all the little details have gotten moved around / switched between bags. These few quick things seriously save so.much.time. and help the morning go more smoothly too. :)

Here are a few tips to prep for getting ready photos + ensure nothing gets missed:

  1. PUT YOUR DETAILS TOGETHER THE NIGHT BEFORE. // Have all your details set aside together the night before so they are ready when your photographer arrives. This way, nothing gets missed, it saves time, and your girls don’t need to go searching through bags trying to find everything the day of. 
  2. HANGERS. // Let’s talk about hangers. You’ve bought this amazing dress, pull it out of the garment bag… and it’s on a cheap plastic hanger. It’s the worst. It doesn’t need to be fancy or custom, but even a basic wood hanger looks 100x better in photos than the plastic ones most dresses come on (plus they turn to hang places as well). I always have one in my bag, but keep this in mind if you are wanting photos of bridesmaid dresses hanging too. You can even raid your closet or get a pack from Homesense for $10 too.
  3. THE SPACE. // If you have a favorite spot in mind you want your dress hung or to get dressed, try and keep the area clear/off limits (from hairspray, water bottles, clothes/bags etc) so your photographer can do their thing. It saves so much time, and then your photographer can get back to candids with your babes.
  4. WINDOW LIGHT. // Natural light is amazinggg not only for details but for those bridal portraits when getting dressed too. It doesn’t need to be set up or furnished, but even just a clean area (#3) and one window is perfect. Fluorescent lighting is just not flattering, and having even one window with natural light pouring in can make all the difference in the world.
  5. SENTIMENTAL DETAILS. // Let your photographer know of any small important details that might be easy to miss (ex. a custom stitching in your dress, locket or special ribbon on your bouquet).


  • shoes
  • jewelry
  • special perfume 
  • invitations / save the date / wedding stationary 
  • vow books / letters
  • garter
  • clutch 
  • rings 
  • extra flowers or greenery for styling
  • veil 
  • bride+bridesmaid dresses 
  • hangers

If you are planning your intimate or destination wedding and still need a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! I am currently booking local+destination weddings for 2020+2021. Feel free to use the contact form here or email me directly at

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